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Android Update: Xperia Play app reviews inbound, and more Android app reviews coming

We are pleased to announce that we will be covering apps and games for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. The worlds first PlayStation certified device, which has a D-pad, buttons and touch analogue sensors accessible via a slide out interface, is a big step forward for gaming on the go, so we felt it important that the format was supported here.

The Xperia Play is obviously heavily slanted towards gaming, so most of our coverage will focus on the games available for the Android powered machine. However, as the device is rocking Android 2.3.3, and soon to be 2.3.4, we will also be increasing our coverage of good old regular Android apps.

Apologies are due to our Android owning readers, but ever since the office Dell Streak died a slow death, we have been trying to source an Android phone that runs a recent version of the OS, and after all that waiting and contacting OEM’s, we have a little extra bit of good news, as those kind folk over at Fusion Garage are sending us a Grid 10 to enable us to cover Android apps designed for tablets.

So, with the Xperia Play and forthcoming Grid 10, we should have the Android format better covered than it has ever been. We have a review of Minecraft Pocket for the Play and a review of Earth and Legend for Android due over the next couple of days, with reviews of Art of War 2 Online (Android) and Cordy (Xperia Play) also coming soon.

iOS and Windows Phone readers need not worry, as we will still have just as many iPhone and iPad reviews and will continue to review as many WP7 apps as possible.

So, keep an eye out for our Minecraft Pocket review, which should make an appearance later on today, and thank you to all you Android visitors for your patience.

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