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Auto Law Pro iPhone Review

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Auto Law Pro by Smith Luby Holdings, LLC is full service automobile emergency app that will prepare you for just about anything that might happen on the road. Here is the app’s full description:

AutoLawPro is a traffic accident and traffic incident app that helps consumers with collecting information from auto accidents, traffic tickets, Auto Law Pro image 2speeding tickets and DUIs. AutoLawPro also helps consumers find an attorney to help them easily resolve their traffic situation. Remember, “don’t turn the key, without ALP.”

Auto Law Pro gives you all the tools you might need in the event of an automobile incident. First they need some info. Name, email and phone number. There are three options on the main screen: Emergency, I Got a Ticket and I Had an Accident. There is also a settings area here where you can change your info or set an emergency contact, and a button to take a video. The Emergency area gives you options to call 911 or send emergency messages. Easily view the emergency contacts you entered earlier by hitting View Contacts.

I Had an Accident walks you through everything you might need to record a fender bender. Store pictures, a description of what happened and even take audio or video of witness accounts. A lot of insurance apps have this sort of thing as well but what I really liked about Auto Law Pro is it walks you through every little detail so you don’t forget a thing and the insurance company will love it because you have complete information from the incident, right down to the VIN numbers. It can even use your phone gps to record the location of the accident and add it to the record.

One feature I haven’t seen is the anything like is the I Got a Ticket. Here you can detail the the type of ticket it is and what happened. When you hit Next, it will take you to a list of attorneys in your area that you can contact. Very handy.

Auto Law Pro is available now on the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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