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Beautiful looking Sparkle 2:Evo released tomorrow for iPad

Forever Entertainment have let us know that their stunning looking game, Sparkle 2:Evo will be released tomorrow on the App Store for iPad.

The game, which looks like a souped up version of the classic PS3 title, Flow has some great looking graphics but seems to be a far more in-depth title than Flow was, with more complex levels and some absolutely massive bosses to conquer. The other way in which it seems to add depth is in the way it encourages you to evolve your creature in whatever manner you choose. An impressive looking DNA structure is the key here, where you can add and play with all manner of attributes to make your avatar your own.

In the game, you explore a massive abyss, with huge enemies to find and eat. The game has a dreamlike feel to it, but we are glad it has more of an edge to it than Flow so it can mark itself out from the crowd.

Check out the trailer below and you can download the game, Apple permitting, tomorrow.



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