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bthere: group location sharing iPhone Review

Getting together with friends? Making those plans via group chat is one way to go. Or you could manage all your get-togethers with an app that not only lets you plan the party but also earns rewards for you and your pals while you hang out. bthere: group location sharing is here to do just that. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

bthere is the best way for friends to stay in the loop, while earning rewards for just hanging out. Use the group chat to stay in touch with friends, plan hangouts and meet up.

Whenever you’re out with friends, bthere’s location tracking will passively start earning everyone points. Exchange those points for awesome rewards, like free t-shirts, contest entries and big discounts!

Group location sharing makes it easy to find friends. Whether you want a buddy when walking home or need an extra pair of hands, bthere lets you be there for friends in need!

The bthere app is optimizing a way for people to easily schedule meetups for family and friends with the benefit of earning rewards while doing so. Sign-up only requires a phone number or existing Facebook account to sign-in. Customize your profile with info and an emoji map pin for others to find you on the map. Authorization for location sharing will need to be approved for the app which is recommended to be set to always allow. Of course, remember that constant location tracking may drain your device’s battery.

For every hour you spend with your friends, you earn a coin. bthere awards 10 coins just for signing up. These rewards can be used to buy gear at the bthere shop, redeem for local deals and more. To start earning, create a new group circle and name it. The app will automatically give your circle a clever name though you can name it whatever you wish. My first circle was called Thirsty Unicorns which I thought was pretty great. Circles can be permanent or set to “self destruct” in 24 hours. The longer you hang out with your circle, the more you earn. Group circles with top scores also have a chance to win special event prizes.

Setting up my account and creating group circles was quick and painless. The app is colorful and divided into five sections making it easy to navigate. I created a circle and invited contacts to join the app. Once my circle is made, bthere provides in-app messaging as well as the ability to see everyone’s location and battery life. When a circle is spending time together, there are fun animations and the circle can check the leaderboard to view their rank. Rewards can be spent on gear, mostly bthere merchandise, online deals, and different map pins.

I love the idea behind this app as it is great for setting up private groups but also provides an incentive to keep users logging in. I especially liked the inclusion of the Come Get Me button as a quiet way to notify everyone in the circle in an urgent situation. As simple and fun as all of this is, I did have a few instances when I was told my profile was invalid and I had to re-login to the app. Not the biggest of issues, but a small annoyance none the less.

bthere: group location sharing is an app perfect for users that love hanging with friends or family and want to earn rewards in the process. The app is available now for free in the App Store and also for Android.

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