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CloudAlbums for iPhone Review

CloudAlbums is a cloud based photo sharing application from IdeaSolutions S.r.l. Through the help of a Dropbox account, you can organize, upload, sync and share your photos right from your phone.

First off, connect your Dropbox account or create a new one within the app. Once you have logged in with your account you can begin a new album. You can name the album whatever you want and then select photos from your phone to add. One really great feature is that you can also select pictures straight from your Facebook photos from the app! The phone will automatically upload the photos you have selected for the album and sync them to Dropbox. You can add a maximum of 50 photos per album all using the free 2 Gb of Dropbox storage.

Once uploaded you can invite people to come and view the photos through a web browser, Mac or PC, or using the CloudAlbums app. The app creates web pages to share your photos with everyone. Using the MagicMail feature you can email the link to as many friends as you like. The email will have a link for the user to sync the photos to their own app or view it via internet browser. You can also share entire albums to Facebook and Twitter.  If you ever want to unshare your album, simply select the photos or albums and delete them. They will automatically be deleted from your synced folders and those of you’ve shared with friends.

With a free account you are able to create only one album, but without limits on uploadable pics. If you want to create more albums you can upgrade through the in app purchase. For $0.99 you can add Facebook photos import, and for $1.99 you can add unlimited albums to your account. CloudAlbums is an excellent free app for photo sharing, backup and management. It syncs to Dropbox flawlessly and when uploading photos, I found it to work very quickly.  To find out more check out their video on www.cloudalbums.it



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