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Cut the Rope HD iPad Review

Cut the Rope HD - Chillingo LtdIs Cut The Rope HD swinging strongly or is it just hanging by a thread?

Released by Chillingo, it’s a simple little game, but then so are many of the best casual games on the App Store. There’s a little croc like monster named Om Nom who is hungry and wants to eat all the candy and sits at the bottom of the screen waiting for his meal. All you have to do cut the rope with a single swipe of the screen to let the candy fall into the crocs mouth.

There are stars to collect which the candy must touch before landing in the little guy’s hungry mouth, and when most of the levels have multiple ropes to cut, you have to time your cuts, as well as get them in the right order to nab all the stars. There are loads of obstacles to face, such as avoiding sharp barb wire, to other little critters trying to steal the candy. There are also things helping you like bubbles and pulleys.

The game starts simple but soon gets very complex, and it can be seemingly impossible to get all the stars on some of the later levels, but it’s always the sign of a good puzzle game when the frustration just keeps you coming back.

Level progression is much like Angry Birds, with sets of levels unlocked as you collect more stars. It’s a decent system and it makes you want to carry on playing.

I really enjoyed this game as it was so easy to get into and very addictive; I once was playing it for nearly two hours and didn’t even realise I had been playing it that long and had to look twice at the time!

On the iPad’s big screen it has stunning graphics and bright colours that also add to the brilliant gameplay and the excellent controls make this such a perfect casual gem. The animation on Om Nom is great, and is on a par with many cartoons. The sound is good with music thats fits the feel of the game and doesn’t get too repetitive.

There are crystal leaderboards so you can see how people all over the world are getting on and also achievements to collect, which always adds a few hours of play for the dedicated. If you already own it on iPhone, I think this is worth the upgrade, as the gameplay really suits the larger screen.

I think this is a must buy for any iPad user and there is even a lite version available for free to try but be warned: once you start you will want to play it all the time.

Addictive fun. 

Cut the Rope HD - Chillingo Ltd

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