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Exclusive: Rat Fishing Preview (video)

Blissoft, a South Korean mobile development house has provided us with an exclusive preview of their upcoming game, Rat Fishing.

The title is an physics based puzzler that seems to be a mix of games like Lemmings and Sleepwalker. You play a cat, and the aim is to kill all the rats on each stage, and you do this by tempting them out of their holes with pieces of cheese. Once out, they will follow the smell of the cheese to their doom.

The developer really uses physics as part of the puzzles, so you will have to get the rats to push boulders on to levers, and other tricks to set each series of events into motion to clear the screen.

It all looks really clever, and the game will be released on iOS soon, and an Android version is expected eventually. Hopefully it will live up to the obvious puzzling potential, so keep an eye out for our full review just after release.



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