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Games Logo Quiz Android Review

The various logo quizzes doing the rounds at the moment have been an astonishing success, with millions and millions of users guessing corporate logos to their hearts content, and challenging and sharing across all the various social networks.

The concept of these games is simple- just guess the logo. So, we come to the latest game of this type, this time aimed squarely at the games industry, Games Logo Quiz. It is a good idea, as there are a lot of gamers out there chomping at the bit to show just how hardcore they are with their videogame knowledge, so lets hope that Games Logo Quiz doesn’t let them down.

It makes a good start, with a decent interface that is suitably ‘gamey’, and offers a fair selection of questions, each with a set of clues related to the particular game. There is the standard game, as well as a survival mode and a welcome stats screen. It always puzzles me why more games don’t include stats, so it is good to see them here.

Here is the rundown on the game, straight from the developer:

A spin off of the classic Logo Quiz, Games Logo Quiz features some the best videogames of all time. Challenge yourself to Games Logo Quiz and try to name all the games.

The game currently features 8 levels containing hundreds of logos, hints and screenshots.

Ask your Facebook or Twitter friends for help.

There are a few hundred logos to find, and the addition of Facebook and Twitter integration is a nice touch. The game is free, and ad-supported, with the option to upgrade to a pro version.

Reading through some of the user reviews, there have been some complaints that the app is picky when it comes to spelling, but I couldn’t find anything wrong here in this regard. The app asks you to spell the names of the games correctly- as it should.

The only real problem I have with the app is that I feel there are not enough logos from older games and franchises. A few more Commodore 64 era, Amiga and Spectrum games would be nice, and how about a super hard mode featuring thing like Vectrex and Virtual Boy?

This is a small critisism, but warranted for us older gamers.

Overall, though I really enjoyed my time with the game. The presentation is decent, there is a decent wedge of content and it if free. This come recommended for gamers looking to show off their otherwise useless knowledge of videogame logos, and is a fun distraction that it worth a look.

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