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Jury: Resolve Disputes Online iPhone Review

Disputes can happen with anyone and anytime. Not all require a court appearance to be judged. Jury: Resolve Disputes Online takes the conflict resolution to your mobile device for an easier way to have your minor case heard by a non-partial audience. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Present your case to an online jury of your peers to resolve personal disputes and claims. Get nonbinding litigation and conflict resolution in a virtual court case.

Use Jury to take personal conflict resolution, negotiations and settlements out of the courthouse. Jury lets you virtually litigate disputes with a jury of your peers to resolve issues.

The registration sign-up for the Jury app requires name information, contact phone, and email. Set a username and password as well as preference to be an available juror for private and/or public cases. Apple and Facebook sign-in options are also available, when making a profile which is convenient and also more secure if the Apple sign-in is chosen. There is an option to skip registration and view public cases before committing. Once registered, read a thorough run-down of how the app works to get started.

Add a case by accessing My Cases in the profile section and then selecting a defendant from the list of users in the app. Determine if the case will be public or private and add a description of the case with any additional documentation to support the case. Finally, set a case end date and invite the number of jurors to hear the case. This can be done selectively or the app can automatically determine them.

I found the initial sign-up and setup of the app super simple. The Jury app has a very intuitive design, making it easy to navigate and figure out how it all works. Upon using the app, I was only able to see a few on-going public cases. Either most cases are private, or there may not be many users of the app as of yet. Cases do require a payment of $0.99 for up to 5 cases with additional new cases being free in the same calendar month. For those wanting to submit unlimited cases, Jury has a monthly subscription for $4.99. I am unsure about paying for strangers to decide a case, though I do like the format of the app and it could be more structured and successful than say asking social media or a forum.

Jury: Resolve Disputes Online is a well designed app that wants to help with everyone’s non-criminal cases on the go. The app is available now in the App Store for free.

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