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Keeping Your Secrets Safe with Edge Diary

When I was younger, I was always looking for diaries that had locks on them. I just couldn’t seem to keep my thoughts hidden from my sister otherwise. Even when I did keep my diary under lock and key, I was still worried someone was going to read my private thoughts – and no way was I gonna let them know about all of my secret crushes! If only the Edge Diary app had been invented back then. Since all of my tech is now locked with thumbprint protection, I can be sure no one will access my diary without my permission!

The Edge Diary app (available for free on iOS) basically revolutionizes the diary-keeping game. Instead of lugging around a notebook and pen, you can simply take out your iPhone or iPad, and start typing out your thoughts immediately. The app is neatly arranged with all of your entries, and you have the option of viewing all of your daily posts at once or looking back in the calendar setting to see your past entries from a while back. It’s cool if you don’t have time to write an entry every day too – you can feel free to just note down your thoughts anytime, and the Edge Diary app will save it for you.

I would have loved to add photos to my diary when I was younger, but I would have been even more embarrassed for people to come across those. I did some pretty dorky stuff back in the day! But, with the Edge Diary app, you can add pics super easily. You can select a pic from your saved albums or take a picture directly from the app. That way, the pics you add to your posts will create an added artistic, visual effect to your diary. The best part? Edge Diary keeps these pics safe from prying eyes since your devices are password protected.

The only downside to the app is the ads that run while you’re using it. This can be a tad distracting if you’re trying to craft the perfect diary entry uninterrupted. However, the ads usually run just at the bottom of the screen, so they don’t take up much of the page. And, if the ads are too much for you to handle, Edge Diary offers the chance to remove the ads by paying a small one-time fee.

If you’re looking to start-up a diary but want to make sure your thoughts will stay private, Edge Diary is the perfect option! Your posts will stay password protected, so you can journal to your heart’s content. And, since it’s free on the App Store, you can’t really ask for a better way to keep a diary!

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