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Koosh iPhone Review

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Sharing events with family and friends is always the aim with social media. As mainstream as Facebook has become, it’s obvious there was a need to be filled. Now with apps like SnapChat becoming more popular, it seems the trend to keep those close to you even closer, with media sharing apps that are invite only. Another app wanting to add their twist onto the scene is Koosh.

Koosh, by Koosh Ltd, lets you and your friends not only share media, but work on memories together through collaboration. Here is the apps full description:

Create an interactive event using your friends & family with either videos or images. Koosh image 2

Add friends to your timeline, upload your images or videos, edit with captions and create beautiful merged experiences.

The best way to display events from multiple perspectives.

What Koosh has is a unique idea. Invite friends and let everyone take videos and pictures to collaborate and create a unified experience. Seems pretty great. Ideal for group activities or creating special keepsakes that shows everyones point of view and experience from a single event or a string of them. It would be great, IF it worked.

What should happen is you sign up, either through Facebook, Twitter or email, invite your friends to contribute photos and videos, then you can edit the pieces in one cohesive moment to share publicly or privately. What did happen was I signed up for the service, only to be greeted by buttons that didn’t work and Kooshes that never appeared after assembly. I liked the idea of this app but the execution is lacking. Every time I launch the app it makes me log in. When I start to edit my Koosh, clips disappear and things begin to freeze up. I was able to view a few others that were posted but most seemed to be photos that were running in an amateur slide show, just frames with fade transitions. I was frankly expecting more.

Koosh has a lot of potential and a great idea that I hope develops in the future. It’s half way there, just needs to work out the kinks. Koosh is available for free in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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