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Live Home 3D – Interior Design iPhone Review

Virtual home interior apps are great for planning those big design projects out before they start. Live Home 3D – Interior Design lets you create the room, and even the house, from scratch. Here is some of the app’s description:

This home and interior design app will help with floor plan layout of any complexity, perform interior design 3D visualization and virtual reality walkthrough inside your home with ease. Even experience your home design in the real world surroundings with immersive AR (augmented reality).

In-app purchase applies to the app installed on your iPhone and iPad.

• Create detailed 2D floor plan layouts.
• Beautiful real-time 3D rendering of house design or apartment. 
• Project your 3D home into the real world surroundings, and even walk around or inside the house using View in AR option.
• Build up to two stories with a loft (unlimited with Pro Features in-app purchase).
• Project Gallery contains house and interior design samples (kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc).
• Share interior designs between iOS, macOS or Windows 10 devices.
• Free access to video tutorials, on-line Help, Quick Start Guide and quick technical support.

Open up the Live Home 3D app and tap the option Create New to start a new project. Various templates are available to start with scales for an apartment, house, and a room to choose from. There are also a variety of sample templates to play with, including entire houses and layouts, which is really nice. Once your format is chosen, the app launches a quick start guide to walk through how to build the walls. Add objects like doors, windows, columns, and decorations to customize the design. Create two or more stories to the house if desired and switch between 2D and 3D views to see how it all looks.

Live Home 3D is one of the most detailed apps I have ever seen for interior design. A user can literally custom design, in 3D, their room or house on their iPhone or iPad. The options are quite extensive, for anyone looking to redesign their home on a professional level. I will say, it isn’t easy, and it does take some practice. Luckily, that quick start guide is very handy and they have even included a link to their website with some tutorial videos in the help section. Once you get the hang of it, it is hard to stop tinkering.

The free version preserves the project changes inside the app, and you can play with it as much as you want. To enable saving to a file and creation of multiple projects, you need to buy Standard or Pro Features via in-app purchase. The Standard upgrade which includes custom images as textures and the ability to export videos and 3D views among other features is $9.99. Pro Features, which include the standard upgrade as well as additional exporting capabilities and tools, can be purchased for $19.99. With the amount of product you are getting and the quality with the ability to export and print floor plans and layouts, I think this is more than a fair price.

Live Home 3D – Interior Design is a great app for anyone looking to get into the virtual interior design game, or even just wanting to design their own space. It is smart, easy to learn and available in the App Store now for free.

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