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Logo Quiz Game iPhone Review

Logos Quiz Game - AticoDThe way that people grow to love or hate different brands has always fascinated me. The strength of a brand can play a huge part in the success of a company – it’s vital that people remember, interact with and grow fond of their branding. Companies want us, the consumers, to remember their brands; we’re the reason that logos are plastered across sports pitches, drilling through our televisions and straight into a storeroom somewhere in our heads. Logos Quiz Game, a free app from AticoD, is here to test just how effective all of that branding has been.

In the app, you’re tasked with naming brands according to their logos, which are only partially displayed. The logos are split into different levels, with more to guess each time you progress to the next level. Successfully remembering a set number of logos unlocks the next level, with 8 levels in total. For every three logos that you correctly name, you unlock a hint. Each logo has three hints to help you along as you guess. If you run out, you can buy more hints via in-app purchase for a fairly good price. If you’re still stuck, you can even share logos with friends via facebook or twitter.

The developer has executed a simple idea well. It’s addicting and quite scary finding out the vast mass of brands that you’ve got etched into some shadowed corner of your mind, and equally engaging trying to put a finger on the names that are only just eluding your grasp. The hints system generally helps with this – sometimes too much. A few hints actually contain the company name, so using them can reduce the satisfaction that you’ll get from the game.

The main problem that I have with the app is that if you’re struggling with a level, you’re unlikely to progress to the next. I’ve only managed to get to the third level. That means that you might not be playing the game for that long – on the flip side, the challenge that I found in the game was also its most rewarding aspect. Perhaps this complaint is more just a reflection of my bitterness at not managing to bite further into the game’s flesh.

Yet, I’d argue that my complaint is legitimate. The reason that I can’t guess a lot of the logos is that I haven’t heard of a lot of the companies – they’re mostly American and I’m not. If you’re not familiar with American brands, don’t get your hopes up about ploughing through the quiz with ease. It’s a shame that the app hasn’t been localised a little more.

Overall, Logos Quiz Game is a fun, if potentially brief, diversion. Given that it’s free, it’s very easy to recommend.

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Logos Quiz Game - AticoD

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