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NosePics iPhone Review

NosePics - Toban NicholsThe multi-touch screen interface of the iPhone, coupled with the built in camera, has led to an expected massive amount of camera and photo apps being released into the App Store. Many of them are serious, po-faced productivity apps, and that is fine, but sometimes you need to chill out and have some fun with photos.

Luckily, there are also a plethora of fun photo editing apps and trick camera apps that are also in the App Store, but many of them do share either one of two common problems. They either offer far too few options for editing, or have a terrible mess of a user interface.

NosePics is one of the few that actually manage to get it right, sporting not only a decent and intuitive user interface, but also 160 options for editing pictures.

The motto for the developer when developing NosePics must have been ‘keep it simple’, and that is exactly what it does, and to great effect. You simply boot up the app and then either choose an image from your photo library, or use the camera to take a brand new picture. You can then add a huge variety of objects to the image, which can then be shared with friends on Twitter, Facebook and via Email.

It all works really well, and all the images that you can import to place on top of the chosen photo can be resized, rotated, moved and placed very easily using the touch screen interface. After that it is a simple matter of tapping a couple of buttons before your masterpiece is on its way to Twitter or Facebook.

Here, in the words of the developer, are the app’s main features:

-make a Cucumber look like your crazy Aunt Betty!

-make a bowling ball look like a mean old man!

-Over 160 different options to choose from

-Literally hundreds of thousands of different combinations

-Resize & flip, drag and rotate, to fit any photo.

-Hours of enjoyment for kids, teens, or anybody!

-Upload to Face Book and share with your friends!

-Email or Tweet your creations.

-Make a new profile photo!

So, there are plenty of options here to make some interesting creations. Perhaps the main aim of the app is to take photos of your friends and dress them up with silly outfits and hair, and it does this well, and I must say that the items that you can import are of a much higher quality than is usually found in these kinds of apps.

The only thing missing is the ability to mess with the actual photo, as I would have like to have been able to stretch and mess with the image in a ‘goo’ kind of way. Instead, I have to use another app for this part, so it would be nice if more options like this could be added.

Overall though, there is still a lot here for anyone browsing the store looking for apps like this, as it is undoubtedly one of the best. With a clean and intuitive interface and myriad of options, NosePics is worth a look.

NosePics - Toban Nichols

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