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Orbit Marketplace iPhone Review

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Entrepreneurship is the new thing. Who needs a boss when you can be your own? The app market has had a lot to do with it, giving people the ability to invoice, take payments and sell products right from their mobile devices. Have something to sell? Why not use a community mobile marketplace already set up for your area? Orbit Marketplace wants to connect you to the local buyers in your orbit.

Orbit Marketplace- Buy & Sell things hyper-locally by Amaan Udhas is an online community for buying and selling things with people near you. Here is the app’s full description:

Orbit is a hyper-local marketplace. Set an “Orbit” from 0.5 to 50 miles to buy and sell things with people near you. Make listings within seconds in your personal Store and start selling. Orbit Marketplace image 2Every user has a unique @username, give this out to your friends so they can stay up to date with your posts. For buyers, you will find everything from furniture to apartments for Rent/Sublet in your city. Set an “Orbit” of your choice and find people to buy/sell from in your “Orbit.”

What’s in Your Orbit?

– Take a photo and start selling items in your personal Store
-List your apartment/room for rent in the Rentals & Sublets category
-Use up to 5 photos & hashtags that best describe your listing
-Give out your unique Orbit @username to friends so they can find your store & follow you
-Build a star rating over time with buyers to be one of the best Stores in your city
-Keep track of people interested in your listings, by look looking through your followers

-Browse through Orbit to find anything from a video game, to a summer sublet
-Search for listings by keywords, #hashtags or a specific @user
-Chat with sellers to set up a convenient meeting place and check out the item in person
-Select sellers based off their user generated star ratings.
-Stay up to date with listings by your friends & favorite stores on Orbit in the Discover Feed
-Discover random items being sold near you in the Discover tab of Discover Feed
-Filter your search results by distance, price & user rating of the seller

Local Businesses:
-Set up a Store with a custom name to build and extend your brand
-Keep track of your local customer reach by looking through your Followers
-Scheduled Listings – Make a listing today and decide a future date that it can go live to buyers
-Make an unlimited* amount of listings on your Store
-Take advantage of our 3 month free trial for Businesses

-Add items you don’t find in your price range near you
– Wishlist notifies you when they become available in your price range

Discover Feed:
– Following tab- view posts from people you follow on Orbit
-Discover tab- Discover random items being sold around you

Orbit Marketplace makes it easy to buy and sell whatever your heart desires. First sign-up with your Facebook login, or create an account with your email and set a password. Fill out your profile, setting yourself up as a person or a business. One very important task is to set your search orbit. This will detail how many miles from your location it will look for your desired results. Once set-up, start your search.

Following allows you to keep up with friends and stores you check or do business with often. Not sure what you are looking for? Hit the Discover button and search by keyword, hashtag, or user name. If there’s something you simply can’t find, just add it to your Wishlist and Orbit will notify you once it is available. One super convenient feature is the chat function. Contact buyers and sellers without ever exiting the app. Once the deal is done you will receive an email receipt of your transaction.

Orbit Marketplace was built specifically for mobile capability and it shows. The design is simple and the interface is very easy to navigate. I love that it is a place to list anything, whether looking for a gift or place to live. The one thing this app lacks is users. For my area in particular, the maximum radius is 50 miles away. That might seem like plenty, but in a country setting where people live farther apart, there just weren’t any listings for me to find. Often times when I was searching, I received an error that stated my location information was not found. I’m not sure if it could not locate me or if there were just no results in my area to find.

As an idea, Orbit Marketplace has the virtual sales format down. As it grows, it is certainly going to make it’s mark on the online shopping world. Orbit Marketplace is available now for free in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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