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Perfect Cell on Perfect Sale

Perfect Cell, the iPad and iPhone game we reviewed and gave a mighty score of 91% to, has been put on sale by Mobigame.

Here is an exerpt from our review:


“The thing that will truly keep you coming back long after you have finished the main story is the idea of completing the levels in a different way, trying to get them all done without killing anyone, which is something the well crafted levels are made for. It’s one of the best action games on iOS, and definitely one of the deepest, and another sign that Mobigame is maturing into a fine studio.

Well paced, classy and a fine example of game design.”


As you can see, we liked it a lot, and as the game is now priced at a low price of a cent under one tiny dollar, which is 59p in the UK, and especially considering the fact that it’s a universal app, this really is unmissable.

The offer starts this Wednesday, April 6th, and is for a limited time only.

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