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ROFLcopter iPhone Review

ROFLcopter! - Jonatan RosdahlWe have recently reviewed many games for iPhone that fall into the ‘simple casual’ category, and with varying levels of success.

Here we have a game that has a lot of potential but falls down due to a critical lack of content. Married with an all too simple level design, there is quite a lot of work needed here to bring the title up to scratch.

Before I go into all of that, lets concentrate on what the game does get right, and there are definitely a few things to like here.

The graphical style is really nice, with an almost kids hand drawn look to the title. The game is a version of the famous ‘Helicopter Game’, but here you have a jet, and the controls, simple as they are, respond well. The jet has a nice drop speed when you let go of the screen, and the climb has a good feel when you are pressing the touch screen.

These two things alone are what a lot of these types of games get wrong.

There is a nice little soundtrack bopping away in the background, and helps to give the title its own individual flavour, and the game does record your best score for you.

So, a nice, unique look, decent controls and a definite feel to the game.

The object of the game is obviously to stay alive for as long as possible, while avoiding the clouds that appear in ever increasing numbers. The issue here is that the top and bottom of the screen never change shape. Other titles in this genre create tunnels for you to fly down, but here it’s just dodging clouds. Your score increases the further you fly, and the addition of collectable points to build your score is a good one.

But that’s all there is to it. Dodging the clouds that simply go from right to left soon becomes mundane. The clouds do eventually move at different speeds, but I found myself wanting more.

Why not have the background change after every 20 points, have birds that move in patterns to avoid, blocks of clouds to find your way through or unlockable craft that have different flight characteristics. A few suggestions there that hopefully the developer will take on board, as I believe there are the bare bones of a decent game here, but as it stands they are just bare bones, and as such, with similar games out there with more flesh on them than this, I can’t in all honesty give this a high recommendation.

Hopefully the developer will take the critisism on board and come back stronger.


ROFLcopter! - Jonatan Rosdahl

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